You can arrange your organizations and experience unforgettable moments in our peaceful environment.
Bagdat Hotel&Resort Organization
Bagdat Hotel&Resort Organization


Bağdat Resort turn the most special day of your life into an unforgettable memory with its experienced and cheerful staff in its indoor and outdoor spaces surronded beautiful shades of green.

You can make the wedding of your dreams come true with our experienced kitchen staff and special menus in the unique environment of our facility.

Choose our stunning places in order to live this special day with your guests in the most beautiful way.

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Bagdat Hotel&Resort Wedding
Bagdat Hotel&Resort Invitation


Located in nature, among the mountains and streams, Bağdat Resort waits to host you and your guests in the best way with its professional staff for all kinds of invitations.

You can make your organization with or without dishes, and you can share important moments with your guests.

Organize your invitations in the peaceful environment of our facility and spend great time with your participants.

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Located away from the crowd and noise of the city, Bağdat Resort offers a great environment for your meeting organizations and business meals.

You can plan your meeting organizations with our expert staff and relax while working in our unique environment.

Organize your meetings and business dinner at our facility to increase efficiency of the meeting.

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Bagdat Hotel&Resort Meeting
Bagdat Hotel&Resort Celebration


Bağdat Resort surrounded with streams and mountains is in close touch with nature. It offers offers a romantic setting to celebrate your special days.

On your special days such as Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, you can present wonderful moments to your loved ones.

Celebrate your special days in our facility and experience unforgettable moments with your guests.

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